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Garden Projects

Taylor Made Gardening Services Eastbourne

Take a look at some of our completed garden projects below. All our gardening services start with an initial consultation to enable us to fully understand your needs and your garden. Taking into account your likes and dislikes, with consideration to the ecology, sustainability and wildlife, we will make recommendations and give advice as to what would work best for you and your garden.

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Plant care and maintenance

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Outbuildings and ponds

Wildlife Pond

The client had a wildlife pond that was leaking and needed to be replaced.  It was over 20 years old and teeming with wildlife so a sympathetic approach was required.  It was January, there is never a good time to disturb wildlife, but a quick resolution was required before frogs started spawning in March. 

The client wanted to formalise the pond and had a very clear idea of what it should look like and for it to blend in with the natural woodland at the end of the garden.  We liaised with the client and sourced flat paddlestones for the edge of the pond and were able to incorporate the clients sandstones to create a low wall and level the pond.


The garden is well cared for and we laid protective boards to avoid too much damage to their lawn. The edge of the pond was cleared to reveal the leaking liner.  The water, vegetation and some silt was transferred into holding tanks, pond drained and old liner removed. 

We dug the pond deeper to facilitate the waterlily the client wished to plant and created slopes for safe exit for the wildlife.

A protective layer of sand and fleece was laid as additional protection for the new liner. The contents of holding tanks were emptied into the new pond and levels topped up.  Paddlestones were placed on the ground for the client to approve the layout, then carefully placed and fixed around the edge to conceal the liner.

The client was involved with the construction at every stage and requested that no mortar was placed between the stones.  Moss was placed in the gaps which gave an instant naturalisation to the pond area.  The pond added a natural feature to the garden and met the clients brief for it to blend in as if was always there.  Proved when one of the residents checked it out and moved in – see video clip.


The site was cleared at the end of the installation and this was the clients feedback.

“Taylor Made Garden Services have created a beautiful pond at the top of my garden. They worked tirelessly in a highly professional way cleaning up very efficiently and remained client focused at all times. The ideas they had to enhance the area were most creative and appropriate. We are very pleased with the result and can highly recommend this company”.

Hard landscaping

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Container planting and maintenance

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