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Gardening services in Eastbourne

A traditional gardening service for those who love their garden

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A Bit About Us

Our Background

Taylor Made Gardening Services Eastbourne are a family run business serving the Eastbourne area. We provide professional and honest advice, whilst performing traditional gardening services for those who love their garden. We have extensive plant and horticultural knowledge and have been designing, planting and maintaining gardens for over thirty years.

Every client and garden is unique, we match your requirements and garden style preferences with the best solutions available. 

We offer a full gardening package starting with an initial consultation through to ongoing maintenance. We provide professional advice on how to care for your plants and garden and our aim is to work with you and give you the garden you dream of.

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We offer a full range of services to meet your needs, please contact us with your requirements


Shrubs, roses, hedges, trees, perennials, annuals, bulbs and borders.

Plant and border maintenance, including weeding, pruning, seasonal plant care, division and cutting down.


Your planting plan will be based on the style, colours and amount of upkeep and maintenance discussed during our initial consultation.

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Our hard landscaping team have extensive experience of creating, repairing and replacing hard landscaping in a range of materials and styles. This includes bricks, blocks, concrete, decking, sleepers and pavers.


Container planting and maintenance including the supply of your containers with seasonal or permanent plants and flowers.


Prepare, repair and repaint wooden buildings and structures including furniture, fences, patios and more

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It still may be cold  but the temperatures are rising, daylight hours are getting longer and the verges and gardens are beginning to come alive with new growth and colour.


Things start to get busy from now, time to do the preparation so you can enjoy the sitting in the garden and admiring it in the summer months.


If your garden has become overgrown or needs a boost, why not contact us to carry out maintenance and a tidy up or assist with a planting plan or re-design.


March – Early Spring – This month sees the garden come to life.


  • Keep on top of weeding, be careful of emerging bulbs and leaves.

  • Start mowing regularly – start with the blades up high for the first cut, taking off the tops. 


April – Mid Spring – Gardens are filling with spring flowers and buds on trees and shrubs are busting into life.


  • Cut back lavender to keep bushy and compact – don’t cut into old wood

  • Place supports around perennials for the leaves and stems to grow through and prevent damage from wind and rain.


May – Late Spring – May’s warmer weather inspires us to get out into the garden with high hopes for a lovely summer.


  • Last chance to prune evergreen shrubs, watch out for birds nests.  Lightly trim formal hedges like box.

  • Keep tying in climbers to supports with soft twine


Contact us for help with these and other spring jobs.  We can visit regularly to cut lawns and maintain the borders.

The winter garden can look stunning on a clear, crisp, sunny day – bare trees and shrubs intermingled with evergreens, fading grasses and early spring flowers.

If your garden is lacking in colour and interest, why not contact us to assist with a planting plan or carry out maintenance and a tidy up.

Early Winter – December: it’s a good time to view and enjoy your garden and start to make a plan for next year.

On a bright winter day there are still jobs to be done:

  • Remove any leaves that have fallen on the lawn or in the pond

  • Prune Deciduous Trees


Mid Winter - January: This can be a month of freezing temperatures, but as long as the ground is not frozen, there are still things to do on fine days:

  • Prune Roses

  • Tie in climbers to prevent wind damage


Late Winter – February: Early flowers are beginning to poke their heads through the soil – careful where you tread.

It’s starting to get busier for gardeners, here are some jobs to do:

  • Prune and revitalise overgrown deciduous shrubs

  • Trim back dead stems of perennials to make way for the emerging new shoots


Contact us for help with these and other winter jobs.

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Taylor Made Gardening Services Eastbourne

For all your traditional gardening needs. 

Call: 07814 061517

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